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Friday, July 17, 2009

Two Weeks in France - Highlights

The French part of my "grand tour" is over and I've gleaned about 60 of my favorite photos and included captions here in a slideshow for those who are interested. Click here for the slideshow.

The highlight truly was the chance to be with daughter Catherine as she is beginning an exciting 6 month adventure of her own. When I planned my trip, I had no idea that she would have just arrived as I was about to leave and from the very same city! What a gift to have that short time with her and meet her French family and American co-workers!

With that particular highlight aside, the other highlights include spending time with 3 other talented, fun, smart and adventurous artists, meeting Jill Steenhuis who opened her artist's heart and home to us ( and finally, falling in love with France all over again! I can't wait to go back. Anyone need a translator and guide???


  1. Great pictures mom! minus the ones of me--probably should have showered that day. Oh well. What fun we had here in Marseille! I miss and love you!

  2. Oh, I couldn't wait to watch the whole slideshow before posting a comment! What a beautiful photo of the BUTTERFLY on the lavendar! DeeGee, you are incredible. Will end here and go see the rest of your photos. Keep 'em coming! So glad you are having fun. Molly leaves tomorrow :(