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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Under the Italian Sun

The warm but breezy summer days we spent in Italy are now a memory but here are some photo highlights (see link below) with captions to give you an idea of what we experienced. I now understand why people from the northern countries flock to the sun-soaked hills of Italy. There is something so restorative about being there - note the photos of Ed.

Just a quick recap on our Italian sojourn: I flew to Florence, picked up a rental car and found my way to Assisi where Ed was waiting on me at the Swedish Sisters' Guest House. It's funny but most of these Swedish sisters are from India I think! There we relaxed, read, painted, walked, had dinners prepared for us and went on short driving field trips to Cortona, Deruta, Orvieto and other places.

A week later, we said good-bye to the sisters and found our way (miraculously) to the tiny "village" - really a "spot" - called Bacio near Florence where I had found a place to stay called Fattoria Bacio (Bacio Farmhouse) situated in the middle of a big vineyard and olive grove. I believe it used to be a monastery about 150 years ago. The Fattoria Bacio offered several "self-catering" apartments where you bring in and cook your own food or eat out in the local villages. The setting was a painter's dream! Every way you looked there was a painting! Apparently other artists have found their way there and have used it for workshops. That's how I found it on the internet!

We drove in to Florence for Sunday worship service at an American Episcopal church and explored some of the city. The Tourist Information guide told us we HAD to drive straight to my favorite medieval walled city - Monteriggioni - because that was the last night of their huge medieval festival so, off we went! It was wonderful - hopefully the photos will tell the story better than I can.

Our farewell to Italy was punctuated by some of the most beautiful sunsets I've ever seen. Now, on to bonnie Scotland!

Click here to see the photo highlights of Italy.


  1. AWESOME pictures.... Wish I could have come along for Round Two of Ed, Gayle & Catherine in Italy. Next time. I see dad is getting lots of use out of his Fathers' day present-Theta shirt! ha LOVE YOU!

  2. THESE PICTURES are amazing! I am so glad yall did this, Gayle and Ed's amazing adventures!


    Your favorite surrogate daughter